Learn How to Crochet, Learn How to Knit

Learn How

Want to learn the basics of knitting or crochet, so you can start that new project? You're in the right spot! Do you wonder what that funny symbol on the yarn label means? We can help with that, too, and more! Just click one of the links below for helpful information on any of these topics. You can also download this handy Knit and Crochet FAQ Guide!

We also have how to videos to sharpen your needlecraft skills. There is something for every skill level.

Learn How to Knit 
Here’s just the help you will need to learn the basic knitting skills you will need for your projects. Learn how to cast on, bind off, and all the stitches in between.
Learn How to Crochet
If you've never crocheted before , we have all the information you will need when trying to decipher crochet diagrams and written instructions, as well as detailed instructions for constructing stitches. Many of these topics have links to other relevant topics, too—so be sure to explore!

Our Videos
Do you want to learn a new craft or enhance your skills? Many have learned to knit, crochet and craft from our popular "learn how" videos... plus we have tons of ideas for knitting, crochet and crafts. Exploring our collection is almost as much fun as creating the projects!

Abbreviations & Symbols
Red Heart shows you all the abbreviations for Knit and Crochet and a list of symbols for Yarn Weights, Laundering, Skill Levels and more.