Nighttime Drama Scarf Knitting Pattern

Need a little glamor in your look? Here is a fab way to add sparkle in a hurry—without breaking the bank. Knit this scarf in any sparkling shade of Sashay.

Red Heart Design Team
  • Easy
  • Knitting
  • Scarves / Shawls

Red Heart® Boutique Sashay®: 1 ball 01002 Black

Knitting Needles: 5.5mm [US9]

Sewing needle and matching sewing thread

Directions are for 158 cm (62”) scarf; changes for 97 cm (38”) long scarf are in parentheses.

Scarf measures 10 x 158 (15 x 97) cm [4” x 62” (6” X 38”)]

TENSION/GAUGE: Tension/gauge is not important for this project.

Required Redheart Products