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Wrapped Peace Letters
RED HEART® Holiday®: 1 ball 01360 Aran/Met. Gold or desired color.20 cm (8”) tall paper-mache letters, white craft glue, sharp scissors, push pins, yarn needle.
Pattern Number: LW3196EN
Tags: christmas, holiday, letter, letters, peace, wrap, wrapped
Skill Level: Fun Crafts
Project Type: Seasonal
Olivia Octopus
RED HEART® Comfort: 1 ball 3133 Light PinkTwo 13mm [½”] wiggly eyes; 30 cm [12”] of 25 mm [1”] wide pregathered lace for collar; ¾m [yd] of 19mm [¾”] wide ribbon for hair bow; 4 yards of 6mm [¼”] wide ribbon for legs and neck trim; 6.5 cm [2½”] diameter Styrofoam® ball for head; 30 cm [12”] x 61 cm [24”] piece of heavy cardboard; tissue paper; small amount of hot pink or red felt; hot glue gun; pencil
Pattern Number: LW4489EN
Tags: animal, child, comfort, octopus, olivia, toy
Skill Level: Fun Crafts
Project Type: Toy / Kid
Loops and Chain Scarf
RED HEART® Boutique Swerve™: 1 ball 09930 Baltic OR 09344 Sahara.
Pattern Number: LW2819EN
Tags: boutique, chain, chains, design team, loop, loops, Red Heart, Scarf, swerve
Skill Level: Fun Crafts
Project Type: Scarves / Shawls