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Wrapped Peace Letters
RED HEART® Holiday®: 1 ball 01360 Aran/Met. Gold or desired color.20 cm (8”) tall paper-mache letters, white craft glue, sharp scissors, push pins, yarn needle.
Pattern Number: LW3196EN
Tags: christmas, holiday, letter, letters, peace, wrap, wrapped
Skill Level: Fun Crafts
Project Type: Seasonal
Cheerleading Pompoms
RED HEART® Team Spirit™: 5 balls 00938 Red/White2 pieces of cardboard, 30.5 cm (12”) wide and 45.5 cm (18”) long
Pattern Number: LW3749EN
Tags: beginner, cheer, cheerleader, craft, Michele Wilcox, pompoms, spirit, team spirit
Skill Level: Beginner
Project Type: Toy / Kid
Team Spirit
Go Team! This two colour striping yarn is perfect for supporting your favourite teams! DISCONTINUED
Olivia Octopus
RED HEART® Comfort: 1 ball 3133 Light PinkTwo 13mm [½”] wiggly eyes; 30 cm [12”] of 25 mm [1”] wide pregathered lace for collar; ¾m [yd] of 19mm [¾”] wide ribbon for hair bow; 4 yards of 6mm [¼”] wide ribbon for legs and neck trim; 6.5 cm [2½”] diameter Styrofoam® ball for head; 30 cm [12”] x 61 cm [24”] piece of heavy cardboard; tissue paper; small amount of hot pink or red felt; hot glue gun; pencil
Pattern Number: LW4489EN
Tags: animal, child, comfort, octopus, olivia, toy
Skill Level: Fun Crafts
Project Type: Toy / Kid
Comfy Wool
 A surprising delicate wool touch for soft and warm clothes. It is a pleasure to knit with. Perfect for pullovers, jackets and accessories.
Boutique Sassy Lace
Made of a sheer lace this yarn adds a romantic look to any outfit. DISCONTINUED
Boutique Sassy Fabric
Sassy Fabric is a unique soft, sheer fabric strip with evenly spaced holes to make it easy to knit or crochet. The fashion prints include polka dots and animal prints in wonderful wardrobe-enhancing shades. DISCONTINUED  
Heads Up
A total of 24 plies come together in this beautiful acrylic yarn blended with just enough wool to give it amazing body, hand and stitch definition. Perfect for warm hats, accessories & all types of projects. This could be your new favourite yarn.
This soft, 3-ply acrylic yarn has a reflective thread wrap that makes this yarn reflect light. Take flash photos and see how the yarn lights up - you'll be amazed!
Boutique Unforgettable
The name says it all! The colours are amazing in this soft roving yarn. Make garments and accessories that look like they cost a fortune!
Gift Wrapped Boxes
RED HEART® Boutique™ Sashay®, 1 ball each of 01904 Red A and 01953 Tutu B. 2 Medium gift boxes Small gift box 2 Red chenille stem pipe cleaners 6 White chenille stem pipe cleaners Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Pattern Number: LW3770EN
Tags: birthday, christmas, craft, DIY, Easy, gift, present, wrapped
Skill Level: Easy
Project Type: Home Dec
Boutique Fizzle
With its beautiful shaded tones and unique texture, it’s easy to add some fun with Fizzle! The track on this shaggy yarn makes your one ball scarves a breeze to make!   Fizzle can be hand chained into an even easier scarf that anyone can create in just minutes. DISCONTINUED
Boutique Filigree
Filigree – a unique woven fabric strip that can be knit or crocheted like a yarn. Filigree has a track that you can work with just like Sashay to make a beautiful ruffled scarf with just one ball or cut it into strips and knit or crochet to join them together to make a one of a kind scarf or shawl. The possibilities are endless! DISCONTINUED
Boutique Sashay Metallic
Are you ready to shine? A spectacular ruffle yarn that is easy to knit or crochet! The fashion ruffle yarn Sashay is now even more dazzling with seven beautiful colors. The track makes this yarn as easy to use as the regular Boutique Sashay, and one ball is enough to create your own ruffle scarf. No matter which color you choose, the stylish scarf will bring compliments. DISCONTINUED
Boutique Trio
Trio is a unique ruffle yarn that you can stitch 3 ways for 3 different looks!  Trio has 3 layers, each a different color.  You choose the one you stitch into, and the other 2 layers will show more prominently.  One ball makes a beautiful, soft and drapey ruffled scarf. DISCONTINUED
Anne Geddes Baby
Red Heart has partnered with iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes to make this wonderful yarn. It is a perfect blend of acrylic and nylon that makes it super soft and just the right weight for those special baby things. You'll love the colour range and the adorable patterns!  DISCONTINUED
Crazy Wool
Crazy in love with wool? Then you've just found your perfect yarn! Crazy Wool is perfect for cozy apparel, sock, and accessories for cold weather. The collection of bright and classic shades will give you many ideas to make your favorite project.
Wrap & Knot Cowl
RED HEART® Vivid™: 1 ball 06273 Crazy Coral or 06761 Powerful Pink Cardboard, yarn needle
Pattern Number: LW3483EN
Tags: beginner, cowl, craft, fast, fringe, knot, Scarf, vivid, wrap
Skill Level: Beginner
Project Type: Scarves / Shawls
Boutique Swerve
Make a scarf in just minutes - with your bare hands! This loopy yarn is fun and so easy to use. Perfect for kids' first yarn project. DISCONTINUED
Soft Classic
“Soft Classic” is available in 200g which will give you fewer knots in your project. The yarn has an elegant drape that is ideal for fashion and home decoration projects. Aran weight allows you to finish projects quickly. No dye lot for solids guarantees you the same shade, time and time again. Ideal for knit or crochet projects. DISCONTINUED